Constant increase in the quantity of orphans is one of the main issues in Transnistria, Moldova. Our Orphanage ministry is striving to personally meet the spiritual, physical and educational needs of the orphans and abandoned street kids in state orphanages.

Over the years we built good relationship with several orphanages in our area. By the virtue of providing financial assistance, providing clothes, food and other resources, by arranging outings to the theater, circus, pizza we developed friendship with the leadership and the children of these institutions.

On the yearly basis along with our oversee partners we organize short-term construction teams to assist the orphanages in their needs. It is always a joy for the children to have guests. As soon as we come to the gates you can see them running and fighting for getting a hug and few words of love.

We encourage local and oversee audience to consider becoming a volunteer and help in an orphanage. A typical volunteer work would be doing repairs, providing mental and psychological support, teaching the kids about health and hygiene, manual labor jobs, painting, renovation work and other projects.

Volunteering in Transnistria on our Orphanage ministry is the best travel experience you can have since you would be making a difference in a poor child’s life in the orphanage or any other case.