There are many children going out of state orphanages and teens living in poor and severe environment. They soon realize that they will be released into an uncertain world where they have to fight on their own. These children without the benefits of guidance and advice are asked to walk out of the orphanage doors into homelessness, unemployment and a lifetime of struggle. Forced labor, sexual slavery and a life in the streets leading to crime, prostitution, alcohol and drug abuse is the destiny for many of this young people.

We have the power to help reshape their future by providing positive mentorship and a sense of hope that will empower them to make healthy choices and live productive lives.

Our program is dedicated to equipping teens and youth with basic life skills needed to successfully transition from orphanages into productive, independent, confident adulthood.

Our vision is to empower youth to learn how to advocate for themselves through better knowledge of self care, school, work and other issues related to youth. The goal is to enable orphans to focus on establishing a solid foundation for their life.

We provide an opportunity for each child to have a MENTOR in their life and together we give support in the following areas:

  • Educational Assistance
  • Life Skills training
  • Housing services
  • Finding jobs, employment
  • Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Support
  • Financial assistance