Our Philosophy is that every child deserves to have the love, protection and care provided by parents. We recognize the family as being the most favorable setting for a child to develop and grow physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Our strategy is to partner with local people in order to inspire and motivate them to offer a place for children who need stable and caring environment where foster parents can provide needed care with love, guidance and understanding for children having physical, social and emotional needs.

Our Foster Care Program recruits, trains, certifies and supervises families for the purpose of caring for children in the foster care. The main goal is to protect and provide sufficient care for the child in a nurturing, safe and loving environment, to provide the family with ongoing training and support in meeting child’s basic needs such as food, clothing, medical assistance and other services.

We became aware of the orphan issues in our community and want to engage people who are not indifferent to become a part of the solution by supporting the cause.

You can help one of these children by taking part and SPONSOR A CHILD.