Our Mission and History

Our Mission

Help the Children charity is a non-profit faith-based organization dedicated to serve the needy by providing a range of social projects and supportive services for orphans and vulnerable children in Transnistria. Our goal is to improve their life quality and enrich their emotional, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

Our History

On visiting one of the orphanages in 2001 Mark Fashevsky thought there should be a better way to help the kids rather than to keep them all in big and gruesome institutions. He was fortunate to meet a woman by the name of Lena who had worked in a state psycho-neurological asylum and had a vision of building a better home for the children in need. Her vision materialized with the project of House of Hope – a Christian orphanage for the orphaned children in Transnistria. When the house filled up and there was no more room Mark undertook a trip to Texas to raise funds for the addition to the house and there he was introduced to a Foster and Transitional Care concepts. Why build big houses when families can come alongside and help? Why place children in the institution when they can meet their second father and mother and be raised in a family. Thus the project of Help the Children came to life.